Credits for Make “Never Again” a Reality

Pledge2Protect Lobby Day Video: Make “Never Again” a Reality

  • Audience: Each U.S. Senator
  • Goal: Use this video as the core video that STAND activists will add their videos to for the November 9th lobby day, the largest genocide prevention lobby day in history

Co-Production of


With many thanks to

Genocide Intervention Network

Voices of Rwanda

Producers and Filmmakers of “The Devil Came on Horseback”

Very special thanks to Placidie and Voices of Rwanda

And also to those who shared their insights

Michael Gerson, GPTF Member and President George W. Bush’s Senior Advisor and Speech Writer

Jill Savitt, President of Genocide Prevention Project

Lawrence Woocher, US Institute for Peace, GPTF Member

Sam Bell, Executive Director of Genocide Intervention Network

Jonathan Morgenstein, Captain US Marine Corps Reserve

Mark Hanis, President of Genocide Intervention Network

Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering, GPTF Member

Lieutenant-General Romeo Dellaire, Former Commander of the UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda

Niemat Amhadi, Save Darfur Coalition

Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez, Save Darfur Coalition

Jerry Fowler, Save Darfur Coalition

John Pendergrast, ENOUGH Project

John Heffernan, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Special thanks also to

WITNESS Staff and Interns

STAND and Genocide Intervention Network’s Staff and Interns

STAND’s Outreach Team and Managing Committee

STAND activists across the country


Chris Michael, WITNESS

Caroline Kim, WITNESS

Daniel Teweles, STAND

Nina McMurry, STAND

Field Producers

Chris Michael, WITNESS

Daniel Teweles, STAND

Policy & Advocacy Adviser

Sam Bell, Genocide Intervention Network

Allyson Neville, Genocide Intervention Network

Editor & Producer

Caroline Kim


Ryan Kautz, WITNESS

Martin Tzanev, WITNESS

Biljana Milenkovic, STAND

Kyoko Takenaka, STAND

Additional footage provided by:

BreakThru Films


Free Burma Rangers

Human Rights Watch

Zahn Hajdini

WITNESS Kosovo Project

Human Rights Watch / Joanne Mariner

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Michael Pertnoy and Righteous Productions


Jackson Wang

Archival Research

Ricarda Hammer

Michele DeLia

Alexandria Teague Schneiter

Yvonne Ng

Grace Lile

Production Assistants

Veronica Tronconi

Morgan De Santo

Lindsey Medeiros

Tony Hale

Post-Production Coordinators

Martin Tzanev

Ryan Kautz

Editor, Extended Interviews

Vernoica Tronconi

Generous support for WITNESS is provided by:


The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

Bridgeway Foundation

Caipirinha Foundation

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

William H. Donner Foundation

The Educational Foundation of America

The Fledgling Fund

The Ford Foundation

Otto Haas Charitable Trust #2

The David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation


Lambent Foundation

The Libra Foundation

Oak Foundation

Omidyar Network Fund

Open Society Institute

The Overbrook Foundation

Joan and Lewis Platt Foundation Foundation

The Satter Foundation

Skoll Foundation

Surdna Foundation

U.S. Human Rights Fund

Vital Projects Fund

J.A. and H.G. Woodruff Jr. Charitable Trust

Zennström Philanthropies

Executive Producers

Sam Gregory, WITNESS

Layla Amjadi, STAND


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