This section features videos created as part of Pledge on Camera, as well as some example genocide-related videos, interviews and testimonies.

For the Pledge on Camera, WITNESS and STAND have created three videos for three separate audiences to support the campaign:

1)  Add Your Voice to Prevent Genocide

  • Audience: STAND students and anti-genocide activists
  • Goal: Increase participation in Pledge2Protect and Pledge on Camera, particularly by getting activists to add their videos and photos to support the campaign

2) Pledge2Protect Lobby Day Video: Make “Never Again” a Reality

  • Audience: Each U.S. Senator
  • Goal: Use this video as the core video that STAND activists will add their videos to for the November 9th lobby day, the largest genocide prevention lobby day in history.  Learn more about Pledge on Camera and how STAND students ushered-in a new era of video advocacy on the Hill.
  • View credits

3) Make “Never Again” a Reality – Take Action to Stop and End Genocide and Mass Atrocities

  • Audience: Anti genocide activists and citizens that may be interested in joining the campaign but are not already engaged
  • Goal: Raise awareness about the Genocide Prevention Task Force and it’s recommendations; increase citizen engagement with the campaign; pressure Congress
  • View credits

In addition to these videos, please review the example anti-genocide videos that we have selected.  Add videos that you think are good examples of advocacy videos that you have seen or created to the list!

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