3: Photograph Messages to Your Senators

Taking and sharing photo messages is probably the easiest and fastest way for many of you to gather messages to support the campaign.  You can get really creative, from setting up a ‘white-board’ station on campus where people can write their own messages and you can take a photo to having a bunch of paper with the same template message on it and invite people in class and on campus to write their message and snap a photo on your camera or phone and upload!

Additionally, these photos can be compiled to create a slideshow from your campus, city or state that you can use in your collaboratively-edited video, or to amplify your lobbying.  For example, you can upload your personal appeal to YouTube and post it on your senator’s Facebook wall.

Check out the STAND activists in Nevada

Check out this great ‘Whiteboard-campaign’ video produced by Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA).  Students wrote their own messages about a $1,100 tuition increase on whiteboards and pieces of paper to create this great message to the Arizona Board of Regents.

MoveOn.org invited their supporters to share their message to Congress about the need for health care reform.  Many of the supporters printed a template piece of paper, added their message and uploaded to enable MoveOn.org and R.E.M. to create this fantastic video.

Amnesty International also used this form of campaign to show worldwide citizen-support of their Campaign for Equality:

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