Take Action

Video is the medium of our time – of our generation.

Together, we are going to feature the power of video as an advocacy tool that enables people to share their message and calls for action directly to their Senators.  Though petitions and other tools continue to be useful to show the citizens’ call for the U.S. to end and prevent genocide, we’re going to add video into the mix – in a big, big way.

To illuminate the breadth and depth of support for Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to prevent genocide, we need everyone – you too! – to join us for these three steps:

  1. Film Your Own Message to Your Senators
    • GOAL: 5,000 STAND activists share their own message (100+ messages per state)
  2. Film Others’ Message to their Senators
    • GOAL:  STAND activists film 10,000 messages (200+ messages per state)
  3. Photograph Messages to Your Senators and Create a Slideshow
    • GOAL:  25,000 messages (450+ messages per state)

We know you can make this happen – and we’re counting on you!

STAND activists from coast to coast will join the effort together, and start capturing and sharing their own messages and messages of students, professors, community leaders and anyone that wants to add their voice – and who cannot add their voice to prevent genocide?

TOP TIP:  Check-out this upload guide to ensure we can use your videos and photos!

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