Uploading Videos to YouTube

There are a lot of ways you can upload video to YouTube – even your mobile phone – but here’s the most simple step-by-step instruction we have:

Step 1:  Create an account or sign-in to your YouTube account

Step 2:  Click the yellow “Upload” button

Step 3:  Choose the video file you want to upload

Step 4:  Click the “Upload Video” button

Step 5:  Enter the title, description AND TAGS for your video*

Step 6:  Hit the “Save” button!

* Remember to Tag EACH Video and Photo You Upload

To ensure we can easily find and share all of the campaign-related content, we have a tagging structure that is super easy, but super essential.  Tags are keywords that you can add to the content you put online to make it easier to find.  For each piece of content that you upload, make sure that you always have the following tags:

  • GPTF, STAND, 2009, [Senator Name], [State Abbreviation]
  • message OR interview OR testimony OR b-roll

Example tags for a personal message that requests Senator Dodd to support legislation to prevent genocide would read:

  • GPTF, STAND, 2009, Dodd, CT, message

Additional Resources

There are a lot of great guides out there, but we like this one on WikiHow, that features a good Howcast video.

Also, here is a two-minute tutorial that explains how to upload your video on YouTube

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