Guide: Uploading Your Media

Though there are many options to share multimedia online, for this campaign, we are going to upload all of our videos to YouTube and all of our photos to Flickr.  By doing so, we can ensure that all of the videos can be easily shared with our online video editing platform so other people can use footage that you’re comfortable with for remixing for this campaign.  Also, we’ll be able to create unique video playlists and photo slideshows for each Senator – and display them on a nifty map!

Remember to Tag EACH Video and Photo You Upload

To ensure we can easily find and share all of the campaign-related content, we have a tagging structure that is super easy, but super essential.  Tags are keywords that you can add to the content you put online to make it easier to find.  For each piece of content that you upload, make sure that you always have the following tags:

  • GPTF, STAND, 2009, [Senator Name], [State Abbreviation]
  • message OR interview OR testimony OR b-roll

Example tags for a personal message that requests Senator Dodd to support legislation to prevent genocide would read:

  • GPTF, STAND, 2009, Dodd, CT, message

Be Ready Before You Upload

To save yourself time and potential headaches, make sure that you have the following things ready before you start uploading:

  1. Know where your video or photos are on your computer (or external hard-drive) – and they are ready for uploading*
  2. Have a title ready to copy and paste.  Example:  My message to Senator Boxer: Pass Legislation to Prevent Genocide
  3. Have a description ready to copy and paste.
  4. Have the tags you need to add!
  5. Remember to add your tags!!!

What’s Next?  Uploading Videos to YouTube or Uploading Photos to Flickr

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