5: Share

This section outlines how you can share the video that you and your chapter created for your Senators, or how you can share and add your own video or photo message to support the campaign.

To ensure we can easily find and share all of the campaign-related content, we have a tagging structure that is super easy, but super essential.  Tags are keywords that you can add to the content you put online to make it easier to find.  For each piece of content that you upload, make sure that you always have the following tags:

  • GPTF, STAND, 2009, [Senator Name], [State Abbreviation]
  • message OR interview OR testimony OR b-roll

Example tags for a personal message that requests Senator Dodd to support legislation to prevent genocide would read:

  • GPTF, STAND, 2009, Dodd, CT, message

Messages are direct calls to action and messages addressed to your Senator or Senators, captured via video or photographs – please try to have one message for each Senator.

Interviews are videos that you’ve filmed with people you determined would help support the campaign – these may include chapter members, professors, community leaders, faith leaders and donors or supporters that the Senator may respect or be interested in.

Testimonies are interviews that you’ve conducted with survivors of genocide or folks, such as aid workers, that want to share their experience to support the campaign.  Though we don’t expect many chapters to conduct these interviews, there will be content available and please contact your regional coordinator if your chapter believes you may choose to conduct these interviews.

B-roll is the visual content that will support the video, such as photos and videos from STAND events, previous demonstrations and mobilizations that you may have to illuminate the breadth and depth of citizen commitment to ending genocide.

What’s Next?  Guide to Uploading Your Media

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