Create Your Video – DUE November 7th

It’s time to add your voice or your videos to the core video in Kaltura for lobby day (see some great examples from over the 300 videos STAND chapters have created so far)!

The goal: 100 unique videos, one for each Senator

How: Add the best introduction and/or call to action to the core video in Kaltura to edit your video.  (NOTE: If you want to remix the video on your own machine via IMovie, Media Maker, Final Cut or other, email to get instructions)

When: NOW – all videos should be put into the Kaltura system via the STAND site and finalized by November 7th for lobby day.

5 Steps to Success

Step 1: Film an intro statement (if you already have done this, go straight to step 3)

Step 2: Save it to your computer

Step 3: Upload your video through the STAND site with your STAND account (detailed tips below)

To edit the videos, we will be using Kaltura – an online editing program that makes it super easy to upload and edit your message right on the site.  Before you edit, you must have the videos you want on your computer.

Step 4:  Go to Add Videos You will be asked to enter a title for your video (example: STAND [STATE] Senator [LAST NAME]) and hit continue *do not click “file attachment”, you will not be taken to the correct uploading page. After selecting continue, a browser will pop up allowing you to choose from multiple locations, including your own computer and Kaltura’s files.   You will find our videos by using the tag GPTF, STAND, FINAL. (NOTE: add and find tags by using commas with no spaces. eg: STAND,GPTF,DODD,CT)

  • Once you have one movie uploaded, hit done and move to the edit tab.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the REMIX button on the player, this will launch you into Kaltura.
  • From inside Kaltura, you can add more videos and images and move them around a time-line at the bottom of the screen.

SPECIAL NOTE: First, find the STAND/WITNESS core video in Kaltura by clicking the “ADD” button.  Search Kaltura’s video section for GPTF,STAND,FINAL and add that to your video list.

  • Add your video intros and/or outros at the beginning or end of the core video in the Kaltura editor’s timeline (more detailed instructions below)**
  • SAVE your video when you’re done, by clicking the “Save and Publish” button.

(Coming Soon!) Step 5:  Save your video to your desktop and UPLOAD it to YouTube.

This feature will be launched next week, but for now you can save your videos and you will be able to access them next week for download.  It is essential to upload your videos to YouTube when you’re done so others in your state and around the country can see and share it!  (Remember to tag your video: GPTF, STAND, [State abbreviation, eg ‘CT’], [Senator’s name, eg ‘Dodd’]).


Step 1: Begin by selecting the media type you would like to add to your video; in this case we want to select “Add Video” *

Step 2: Click “Browse” to locate the file(s) you would like to add (to add multiple files, hold down the CTRL key while selecting files) – click “‘Upload”.

Step 3: Once the files have been uploaded, you will see a check mark next to them. You may now click on the videos to add tags – MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS ADD: GPTF,STAND to your tags, and don’t use commas.  In addition to these tags, use your state abbreviation and senator’s name, for example: CT,DODD – so you should have at least these tags: STAND,GPTF,CT,DODD

* If you have recorded your message with iMovie, be sure to export the movie file before attempting to upload it to Kaltura.

Step 4: Select “Finish” and the videos will be automatically converted to the Kaltura format.


To Begin Editing + Inserting Your Personalized Message

Step 1: Begin by creating a storyboard for your video.

Step 2: Select clips from the Clip Library, and drag the ones you want to use to the timeline.

Step 3: To lengthen or shorten clips, drag the green triangles underneath the playback window (see images below)

video remixervideo remixer 2

Step 4: To cut clips, place the bar on the timeline at the spot you want to cut – then click “split” after you split the clip, you can rearrange the pieces however you like, or even get rid of the parts you don’t want.

Step 5: Be sure to save the changes you’ve made to the video before leaving the page.


Our #1 goal for the Pledge 2 Protect Campaign is for every Senator to receive a unique video with at least a personalized intro message, or outro message from you! Working with other STAND chapters in your state, conduct research to determine ideal messages for your Senator and local “influentials” best suited to deliver them, and ask those people to participate.

Getting your friends, classmates, and family on the record in support of genocide prevention is simple. Here are a few sample scripts for videos, but feel free to get creative!

“Senator ___________, my name is___________and I am a resident of [CITY STATE]. I urge you to make genocide prevention a real priority for the U.S. government by implementing the recommendations of the Genocide Prevention Task Force Report.”

“Senator___________, my name is___________ and I am a resident of [CITY STATE]. I’ve heard the United States say “never again” again and again when it comes to genocide. Now is the time to make “never again” a reality by implementing the recommendations of the Genocide Prevention Task Force Report.”

”Senator ___________, my name is _____________ and I am a resident of [CITY STATE}. The United States can take decisive action now to institutionalize the prevention of genocide. I urge you to support the implementation of the recommendations of the Genocide Prevention Task Force Report and enhance our capacity to respond to emerging threats of genocide and mass atrocities.


Outro Message

To learn more about Kaltura, check out their useful series of tutorial videos about their collaborative video editing platform.

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