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5.c. Share: Sharing – License your film

If you want to license your film, make sure to check out Creative Commons. Creative Commons allows you, as a creator, to state clearly, safely, and legally how you will allow your work to be used. You can place your CC license anywhere you would like on your finished product – just make sure it clearly applies to your work.

Use CC’s license chooser to pick the level of protection with which you would like to license your work. Some handy explanations of the abbreviations used in CC licenses, courtesy of Make Internet TV:


Attribution (BY)

Attribution is the basic component of all CC licenses and merely requires anyone using, sharing, or re-mixing your videos to give you credit in the way in which you specify.

Share Alike

ShareAlike (SA)

ShareAlike licenses requires that if a person modifies your video, they must share the resulting media under the exact same CC license. This is license is great because it encourages people to use your videos and to share their work in the same capacity!


Non-Commercial (NC)

Adding the non-commercial stipulation means that a person can’t sell your videos or any resulting media that incorporates your work. This might discourage websites using Google Adsense from featuring your videos, and can discourage others from further reusing your work.

No Derivatives

NoDerivatives (ND)

NoDerivatives restricts people from modifying your work. Be aware that NoDerivatives very much limits what people can do with your work downstream and will discourage people from reusing your work creatively. Mashups are a great example of how video and culture can be remixed and refined (example of mashup, Girl Talk Video). Despite this, you may want to consider NoDerivatives licenses if you are making video that contains footage you don’t want remixed, such as interviews or other sensitive content.
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