2: Equip

What Equipment Should You Use to Collect Your Footage?

Within ten feet there is a good chance you have a tool that can help you create a great advocacy video.

  • Have a digital camera? Great! Many digital cameras have a video option – and still photos can also be used in video!
  • Have a DV camcorder?  Even better!  Camcorders often yield better quality footage and enable you to film for longer.
  • Have a cell phone with photo or video capability?  Even with using only your cell phone, you’ll be able to make a great contribution to this campaign (read how to stream video from your phone).
  • Have a computer with a built-in or attached camera?  If so, you can use these to film interviews or statements of support for the campaign – and if others have them, you can record video interviews via Skype (or live-stream video from an event)!

Even if you don’t personally own any filming equipment, chances are that you’ll have access to them.  Ask your friends, family or college/university if they have equipment that you may borrow. Also, local Community Access TV Stations are a great place to borrow equipment.

Though makes and models of these techie tools vary and change often, these links can help you use or find what is best for you.

What’s Next?  Equipment 101

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